Colloque INFER les 3 et 4 juillet

Le Larefi, en partenariat avec INFER (International Network for Economic Research), et avec le support de la région Aquitaine, a organisé le colloque Infer, sur le thème : "Financial globalization international trade and development", les 3 et 4 juillet au Pôle Juridique et judiciaire (Bordeaux - Place Pey Berland)

Les papiers peuvent être soumis à l’adresse électronique suivante : avant la date limite du 15 avril 2014.

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The Larefi, in partnership with INFER (International Network for Economic Research) and with the support of the Aquitaine region, organize the Infer Workshop on "Financial globalization, international trade and development", from 3 to 4 July 2014 at the Pôle juridique et judiciaire (Bordeaux - Place Pey Berland)

Papers may be submitted to the following address : no later than April 15, 2014.

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Programme de la manifestation - Workshop Program

Liste des participants

Liste des papiers acceptés :

Abeliansky, A-L, Hilbert, M, Do more communication tools make us trade more ? Reassessing the evidence

Audige, H., Net flows to emerging markets’ funds and the U.S. monetary policy after the subprime crisis

Bellani, M., Judicial e-ciency and foreign direct investments : evidence from OECD countries

Ben Slimane, M., Huchet-Bourdon, M., Zitouna, H., The effects of FDI on food availability : a sectoral approach

Berthoumieu, J., Bouët, A., The Impact of “At-the-Border” and “Behind-the-Border” Policies on Research & Development

Ni, B., Spatareanu, M., Otsuki, T., Yamada, H., How Will the Origin of FDI Affect Domestic Firms’ TFP ?—Evidence from Vietnam

Bouët, A., Vaubourg, A-G., Financial Constraints and International Trade with Endogenous Mode of Competition

Bucher-, M., Hauck, A., Neyer, U., Frictions in the Interbank Market and Uncertain Liquidity Needs : Implications for Monetary Policy Implementation

Cesaroni, T., De Santis, R., Current account "core-prephery dualiusm" in the EMU

Coudert, V., Guillaumin, C., Raymond, H., Looking at the Other Side of Carry Trades : Are there any Safe Haven Currencies ?

Didier, L., Hoarau, J-F., The "shifting trade" : the end of colonial rule in Sub-saharan Africa ?

Edwards, H., Perroni, C., Trade,Wage Concentration, and the Cost and Volume of Traded Machines

Gente, K., Leon-Ledesma, M., External Constraints and Endogenous Growth : Why Didn’t Some Countries Benefit From Capital Flows ?

Howell, A., He, C., Yang, R, Fan, C., Chinese Innovation and Firm Performance : A Structural-Institutional Approach with Technological Learning Spillovers

Humblot, T., Figuet, J-M., Lahet, D., Cross-border banking claims on emerging countries : the Basel III Banking Reforms in a push & pull framework

Keita, S., Bilateral Real Exchange Rates and Migrant’s Choice of Destination

Kolev, G., Fed or fundamentals : What drives exchange rates in emerging economies ?

Fraisse, H., Labonne, C., Supervisory Disclosure and the Fragmentation of Interbank Markets in Europe

Chenaf-Nicet, D., Rougier, E., Source and host country volatility and FDI : A gravity analysis of European investment to Middle East and North Africa

Owoundi, F., Do exchange rate misalignments really affect growth ? The case of subsaharan african countries

Recco, S., Brossard, O., Hoarding and short-squeezing in times of crisis : evidence on the Euro overnight money market

Saadaoui, J., Global Imbalances : Should We Use Fundamental Equilibrium Exchange Rates ?

Montout, S., Sami, M., Determinants for locating research and development activity in Europe

Sangaré, I., Badarau, C., Huart, F., Procyclical public spending and indebtedness in a monetary union

Horváth, D., Šuliková, V., Gazda, V., Sinicáková, M., The convergences and imbalances - the distance-based comparisons of countries and factors

Grabowski, W, Stawasz, E., Have the treasury bond yields of the euro area peripheral countries always been detached from fundamentals ?

Popescu, A., Turcu, C., Sovereign Debt and Systemic Risk : An MES and CES Approach

Soete, S., Van Hove, J., Dissecting the trade effects of Europe’s economic integration agreements

Bongaerts, D., Roll, R., Rösch, D., Van Dijk, M., Yuferova, D., The Propagation of Shocks Across International Equity Markets : A Microstructure Perspective

Présentation de Jaime de Melo : Challenges Confronting Trade in a Green-Growth Development Strategy

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