Infer Workshop On New Challenges Of Economic And Financial Integration

Le Réseau international de recherche économique (INFER) et le Laboratoire d'analyse et de recherche en économie et finance internationales (LAREFI) de l'Université de Bordeaux organisent conjointement l'atelier INFER sur les nouveaux défis de l'intégration économique et financière. L'atelier aura lieu les 23 et 24 mai 2019 à Bordeaux. Les Keynote Speakers invités sont : Timothy Kehoe (Université du Minnesota, Banque fédérale de réserve de Minneapolis, NBER) et Robert Kollmann (Université Libre de Bruxelles, CEPR, EABCN). La date limite de soumission des articles est le 31 mars 2019.

Infer 2019

Articles présentés :

Downturns and Changes in the Yield Slope, Mirko Abbrittiy, Juan Equizaz, Antonio Morenox, Tommaso Trani

A Micro-Founded Mechanism For Prudential Decision Rule, Cristina Badarau, Corentin Roussel

International Reserves, Net Foreign Assets and Interest Rates, Joseph Bitar

Negative Interest Rates, Bank Profitability and Risk-taking, Whelsy Boungou

Trilemma revisited: new measures, strong nonlinearities, Vanessa Olakemi Dovono, Camelia Turcu

On the Effectiveness of Leaning Against the Wind and Macroprudential Policy, Armand Fouejieu, Alexandra Popescu

Reciprocal or free trade: which is the United States' best option?, Jeanne Métivier

Trading, Military Alliances and Economic Growth: Evidence from NATO, Francisco J. Callado-Muñoz, Jana Hromcová and Natalia Utrero-González

Club convergence and the geography of economic integration in EU, Eleonora Cavallaro

Macroprudential policy spillovers from international banking: the case of France, Stephane Dees and Julio Ramos-Talladaz

Union Debt Management, Juan Equiza-Goni, Elisa Faraglia, Rigas Oikonomou 

Happy 20th Birthday Euro: An Integrated Analysis of the Stability Status in the Eurozone’s Equity Markets, Bachar Fakhry

The reaction function channel of monetary policy and financial boom-bust cycles, Andrew Filardo, Paul Hubert and Phurichai Rungcharoenkitkul

Cross-Border Bank Funding and Lending: Evidence from Slovenia, Uros Herman, Matija Lozej

Government Investment, Its Financing and the Public Capital Stock: A Small Open Economy Perspective, R. Hickey, M. Lozej

Integration impact on stock price informativeness, Ligia-Roberta Iacobescu

International business cycles: Information matters, Eleni Iliopulos, Erica Peregoy, Thepthida Sopraseuth

Nobody Wins: Protectionism and (Un)employment In a Model-Based Analysis, P. Jacquinoty, M. Lozejz, M. Pisani

Inequality & Countries' External Liabilities, Tobias Krahnke

Internationalization of emerging market currencies and original sin An empirical evidence, Delphine Lahet and Stéphanie Prat

Financial development, trade agreements and international trade, Duc Bao Nguyen & Anne-Gael Vaubourg

The heterogeneity of standards in services and international trade, Amara Zongo

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