20 Novembre – Séminaire du Gretha

11 h45 Université de Bordeaux Campus de Pessac Salle F340

Séminaire organisé par le programme ISI - GREThA: Julien SEAUX (GREThA, Université de Bordeaux)

"Learning by moving: Are migrant inventors more productive than native ones?"

Abstract: We contribute to the literature on migration and innovation by comparing the inventiveness of foreign (Indian) and native ICT inventors in the United States, as measured by the number of patents filled and the number of citations received. We stress that inventors’ international migration may often go along with internal mobility in the destination country, which may both result and cause higher inventiveness. This requires controlling not just for migration motives such as education, access to the labor market and cohort effects, but also for internal mobility. We do so by exploiting a rich database obtained by merging information on inventors coming from both patents and social media. In particular, we compare migrant inventors to both internally mobile and non-mobile natives and find the former to be more inventive than both control groups. We also find that migrant inventors who entered in the United States while working for the same company perform better than migrants who changed company or entered without previous working experience.

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Tram B Arrêt Montaigne-Montesquieu